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Our aim is to help defray the costs associated with excision surgery. Skilled excision is considered the gold standard in successful treatment of endometriosis, however locating and traveling to these experts can be near impossible for many due to the financial constraints involved. Not all doctors accept insurance and many are out of network. In addition, the amount of surgeons performing skilled excision throughout the world is few. Compound the travel/time off work/child care costs with the expense of surgery and one will find the majority of patients are not able to access what data show to be the best chance at living an endometriosis-free life.

Endo InVisible strives to create equal access to this gold standard of treatment. If you have experienced the positive outcome of excision yourself, please consider a gift to help others break free from the monthly, and often chronic, experience of debilitating pain. If you or a loved one has faced infertility due to endometriosis, consider a donation to help others get the treatment they need in order to move forward with starting a family. For many, just the ability to cover travel and accommodation costs can allow a woman who needs surgery to be able to have it.

The following amounts are suggestions; we welcome any and all gifts, no matter the amount. We would love to thank you on our site; please indicate if this is something that would be welcomed. 

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