Ah pain, you old rascal, you.

Pain. So much of it. Rorsach shapes of pain bloom in my lower back and spread their tendrils throughout my lower limbs. I shift as I lay in this bed, and my throat emits an involuntary gasp as an unexpected stab shoots through my hips. I’m recovering from epidural steroid injections. I know I will … Continue reading Ah pain, you old rascal, you.

Trail of Somatic Destruction: This is Your Body on Endometriosis

Originally posted on Worldwide EndoMarch:
Endometriosis is a chronic estrogen-dependent disease that can potentially cause incapacitating pain, organ failure, infertility, and other severe medical consequences. It was described in medical literature more than 300 years ago and was even alluded to in ancient medical texts from nearly 4,000 years ago. And, far from being a…