Happy Easter, Joyeuses Pâques, God Paske

Hello endo sisters and the people that love us! I wanted to send warm spring wishes your way. I love spring, and I love the scent of renewal it brings. This year I’m recovering from excision, so a new beginning is quite literally what I am hoping for. I hold the same hope for all of you–that you feel renewed to continue your struggle with your health, because we so often experience the cycle of mounting the charge to be well, and to be pain free. No matter how we feel, we have to hold on to hope. I contend that an endo patient is probably one of the most positive and hopeful people one may meet, even when they are picking themselves up off the bathroom floor after writhing in pain. 

So hope is what I wish for all of you this year. Without hope and the fight inside all of us, there is no hope for future generations to shirk the labels of hysteria, to save their infertility, and to lead pain-free lives. xoxo Melissa

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