Impact of Endo on Mental Health

Casey Berna, LCSWA, is another strong voice in the endometriosis community. She is also an advocate for those struggling with infertility. Her article in the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Mental Health Professional Group Fall Newsletter gives accurate information on our disease and how it impacts us physically AND mentally. I feel that we are still in awareness infancy for our disease, even though Hippocrates made mention of it (not by name, of course) thousands of years ago. Every time we speak out for ourselves and for each other, our collective voice grows stronger with every sound uttered. Eventually we will be too loud to be ignored.

As Casey wrote, “Many experienced excision surgeons who treat endometriosis do not take insurance, which presents a financial burden to patients who may already be struggling financially due to an inability to stay healthy long enough to maintain employment.” At Endo (In)Visible we want to change this. We want our sisters to have the ability to get treatment so they CAN work, so they CAN take care of their families and so they CAN get out of bed each and every day, feeling like they are living instead of merely existing.

Thank you Casey!


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