Love for ourselves. A Valentine’s Day wish. 

Hello ladies! I wanted to tell you all today that I have some uterus love for all of you. Sounds gross, but really–I have such respect and admiration for all of your endo struggles, even though I’ve never met you, because we share the same fight. 

Today, I want you to love yourself. I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself, I am a warrior. I am tough. I love my body despite its imperfections, despite the pain it causes. Because that body also allows you to be lovers, friends, mothers, sisters, daughters to everyone in your life. You are the greatest teachers, because you haven’t given up. Whatever your endo life looks like, whether it’s limited to menstrual pain, or chronic everyday pain, or whether you have added back and leg pain, or bowel pain. If you’ve had a kidney removed, or had your bladder reconstructed, everyday, you wake up and soldier on. You make breakfast for your family, you visit your mum, you take your kids to soccer, you volunteer at the old folks’ home, you go to work, you make dinner, you continue on, as best you can. Some days are great, and some days are downright pieces of shit, but so far you’ve got a 100% success rate on survival. Bravo. 

Today I want you to have love for your affliction. A very brave lady who doesn’t have endometriosis but has had many afflictions in her life once told me that. And I’ve learned to listen to her. Have love for your affliction, but more than that have love for yourself, the person who has fought everyday to be able to get up and live. Have love for the person that has undergone embarrassment, mistreatment from physicians, pain, blood, more pain, surgery, and infertility, and who has continued to be the person that others count on. It’s no small feat; it’s a true victory. We keep getting back up, no matter how many times we are knocked down. I love you all, and I want you to have love for you today.  xoxo


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