Excision at last: A Thank You note to Nancy’s Nook

Sisters! I woke up this morning in pain, but of a different kind and without the achy heavy pain I’ve woken up with for the last 20 years. My excision and hyst with BSO by Dr. Dulemba took 2.5 hours. It turns out I also have adeno which confirmed that I was making the right choice to do the hyst. I’m cautiously optimistic about the future, and recovery will be super slow and that’s just fine. The fact that there is a real possibility for a pain-free future is so encouraging, and I have all of you and especially Nancy Petersen to thank. Thank you for the list that led me to this incredible doctor who has been so giving of his time. Members and our leaders: thank you for educating us and encouraging us to seek out what we deserve–the chance at a pain free life. My little guy brought me yellow flowers at the hospital. How appropriate. I feel that today I have an army of women marching for me, for all of us. May we be heard and no longer remain invisible.img_7214-1

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